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5 Halloween Recipes You Could Die for This Holiday

Halloween Recipes and Events Here at Willow Crossing – 5 Halloween Recipes You Could Die for This Holiday

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For Halloween, we wanted to offer our residents both the opportunity to trick or treat onsite, as well as give you some of our favorite Halloween appetizer recipes!

Appetizers are an essential part of any party or gathering. These small dishes stimulate our taste buds and fill our bellies while we wait for the main course. Whether you’re attending a Halloween party, are throwing one yourself, or are looking to treat your friends to delicious snacks, be sure to try these recipes!

And be sure to check out the trick or treating info at the end of the post!

1. Ham And Cheese Crescent Mummy

Share a spooky crescent mummy with your family and watch it get eaten up quickly! This simple recipe combines a tube of crescent roll dough with sliced cheddar cheese and deli ham to create a festive bite!

This recipe provides thorough step-by-step instructions so that you too can create the fun mummy shape. The finishing touches are what bring this appetizer to life and to do that, all you will need are two sliced olives!


2. Strawberry Ghosts

There are so many great appetizers you can enjoy but not all of them have to be savory. This spooky-fun sweet appetizer will capture everyone’s attention, and they’ll surely be back for seconds.

To create strawberry ghosts all you’ll need are fresh strawberries, white chocolate or candy melts, and mini chocoalte chips. These come together quickly but keep in mind they do need time to harden in the fridge which means this is a great recipe to make ahead of your Halloween festivities!


3. Cheesy Bones

Breadsticks are delicious and would make a great appetizer but this recipe puts a fun Halloween twist on a simple recipe which will certainly leave a lasting impression on your guests! These cheesy bones are incredibly easy to make since you’ll be working with store-bought breadstick dough. Stretch and tie the dough into bone shapes and then bake them in the oven!

Be sure to coat the breadsticks in parmesan cheese before baking. Finally, prepare the delicious sauce that is made from just 2 ingredients and is perfect for dipping.



4. Frankenguac

Guacamole and chips are a crowd favorite and that is why you should make this fun appetizer! This recipe takes simple ingredients and transforms them into the perfect Halloween treat.

To create this fun Frankenguac all you’ll need is store-bought guacamole (or your favorite homemade recipe), blue tortilla chips, sour cream, and sliced olives. This delicious appetizer comes together in 20 minutes or less!


5. Pumpkin-Shaped Cheeseball

Pumpkins are an essential part of Halloween. Whether you like to display them as they are or carve them into Jack-O-Lanterns, they are great decorations for fall. With that in mind, sharing a pumpkin-shaped cheese ball would be an excellent Halloween appetizer.

While this recipe technically has 6 ingredients, we still believe it’s worth noting. All of these ingredients are store-bought and this cheeseball comes together as quickly as mixing the ingredients together and then forming the shape with plastic wrap and rubber bands. It’s so easy!


Be sure to also check out these awesome Halloween Events happening right here at Willow Crossing!

Trick or Treat

Join us for trick or treating right here at our property community. We will go from building to building, starting with the office, and give trick or treaters access to the buildings to knock on doors that are welcoming trick or treaters. Makes are required and children under 13 need adult supervision. RSVP today at the office and we will email you with location and times on October 30th.

Rent Credit

Recieve $500 in rent credit when someone you refer signs a 12 month lease or longer! See the office for details on this promotion happening in October.

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